The BOBATAMA smart contract was developed and deployed by Sir Tris. Sir Tris custom coded private investor sale restrictions into the contract.
These restrictions include:
● All private sale wallets mapped directly into the contract
● Wallets are not allowed to sell within the first 24 hours of launch
● Wallets are prohibited from transferring tokens to any other wallet
● Wallets are only allowed to sell a MAX of 1 ETH per 24-hour period ​
Additionally, all private sale participants are on a strict vesting schedule as follows:
● 20% at TGE (Token Generation Event)
● 20% of Supply for Private Salers
● Strict 35-Day Vesting Period
Private sale investors were able to contribute 0.5 ETH or 1 ETH. Their contribution accounts for 20% of the overall token supply.
Combined with the vesting schedule and private sale restrictions, new retail investors are protected from private sale “dumps”. Further to this, our private sale: liquidity ratio is 1:1.28 (which means there is a higher percentage of liquidity. The majority of projects have a private sale:liquidity ratio of 1:1. Sir Tris is well known in the Ethereum space for having contracts with high liquidity to protect your investments.
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